Mandating indoor air quality for public buildings Public Deposited
  • Air pollutants are routinely monitored and controlled in outdoor air to protect public health, but this is not the case for indoor air – the air that we breathe most of the time. Routine monitoring of indoor pollutants is rare. A lasting transformation in indoor air quality is only possible if health-protecting indoor air performance standards for public spaces where the majority of the population spends a significant fraction of the day working, studying, spending leisure time, are developed, legislated and enforced. For indoor air performance-based standards to be enforceable, the concentration of indoor pollutants and/or their proxies must be monitored in public spaces, which so far has presented technological, scientific, and legislative challenges; however, we are now in a strong position to address many of these challenges. This paper proposes a way forward to this global issue using a new approach that allows key risks to be addressed with a minimum of monitored parameters to make indoor air quality standards possible on technological, social, and political levels.

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  • 2024
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  • Full list of authors: Morawska, Lidia, Allen, Joseph, Bahnfleth, William, Bennett, Belinda, Bluyssen, Philomena M., Boerstra, Atze, Buonanno, Giorgio, Cao, Junji, Dancer, Stephanie J., Floto, Andres, Franchimon, Francesco, Greenhalgh, Trish, Haworth, Charles, Hogeling, Jaap, Isaxon, Christina, Jimenez, Jose L., Kennedy, Amanda, Kumar, Prashant, Kurnitski, Jarek, Li, Yuguo, Loomans, Marcel, Marks, Guy, Marr, Linsey C., Mazzarella, Livio, Melikov, Arsen Krikor, Miller, Shelly L., Milton, Donald K., Monty, Jason, Nielsen, Peter V., Noakes, Catherine, Peccia, Jordan, Prather, Kimberly A., Querol, Xavier, Salthammer, Tunga, Sekhar, Chandra, Seppanen, Olli, Tanabe, Shin-ichi, Tang, Julian W., Tellier, Raymond, Tham, Kwok Wai, Wargocki, Pawel, Wierzbicka, Aneta, & Yao, Maosheng
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