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Geoscientific Model Development









This paper describes ESM-SnowMIP, an international coordinated modelling effort to evaluate current snow schemes, including snow schemes that are included in Earth system models, in a wide variety of settings against local and global observations. The project aims to identify crucial processes and characteristics that need to be improved in snow models in the context of local- and global-scale modelling. A further objective of ESM-SnowMIP is to better quantify snow-related feedbacks in the Earth system. Although it is not part of the sixth phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6), ESM-SnowMIP is tightly linked to the CMIP6-endorsed Land Surface, Snow and Soil Moisture Model Intercomparison (LS3MIP).


Gerhard Krinner1, Chris Derksen2, Richard Essery3, Mark Flanner4, Stefan Hagemann5, Martyn Clark6, Alex Hall7, Helmut Rott8, Claire Brutel-Vuilmet1, Hyungjun Kim9, Cécile B. Ménard3, Lawrence Mudryk2, Chad Thackeray7, Libo Wang2, Gabriele Arduini10, Gianpaolo Balsamo10, Paul Bartlett2, Julia Boike11,12, Aaron Boone13, Frédérique Chéruy14, Jeanne Colin13, Matthias Cuntz15, Yongjiu Dai16, Bertrand Decharme13, Jeff Derry17, Agnès Ducharne18, Emanuel Dutra19, Xing Fang20, Charles Fierz21, Josephine Ghattas22, Yeugeniy Gusev23, Vanessa Haverd24, Anna Kontu25, Matthieu Lafaysse26, Rachel Law27, Dave Lawrence28, Weiping Li29, Thomas Marke30, Danny Marks31, Martin Ménégoz1, Olga Nasonova23, Tomoko Nitta9, Masashi Niwano32, John Pomeroy20, Mark S. Raleigh33, Gerd Schaedler34, Vladimir Semenov35, Tanya G. Smirnova33, Tobias Stacke36, Ulrich Strasser30, Sean Svenson35, Dmitry Turkov37, Tao Wang38, Nander Wever21,39,40, Hua Yuan16, Wenyan Zhou29, and Dan Zhu41

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