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This dataset collects the two-line-element orbital data of cataloged objects orbiting between 200 and 650 km AMSL. The columns are:

catid: the orbital catalog ID

yyfrac: year fraction of data applicability

p_height: perigee altitude in km above AMSL of object

perigee: absolute perigee from Earth center, km

apogee: absolute apogee from Earth center, km

den_ratio: the atmospheric density ratio calculated using the MSISE00 model between Kp=1 and Kp=6- geomagnetic storm conditions.

bstar_default: the B* parameter averaged over the past 14 months

bstart_std: standard deviation of B* over the past 14 months

hour1.5: orbital track error after 1.5 hours of Kp=6- conditions relative to Kp=1 conditions, km.

hour3: orbital track error after 3 hours, km

hour18: orbital track error after 18 hours, km

hour72: orbital track error after 72 hours, km


This data set is associated with the article "Flying Through Uncertainty."

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