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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art & Art History

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Alex Sweetman

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Anne-Marie Schleiner


Biotone, a word fabricated in the spirit ofEcotone, an area where two ecological systems intersect. The Biotone is the intersection between the visceral human experience and the digital , mechanical gamespace worlds. Growing up during the advent of personal computing and algorithmic gaming has inevitably forced me to form connections between the tangible waking world and this gamespace where crude pixels form complex associative patterns. These video works, entitled Biotone; Games of Life are shot on high definition digital video. Each video address their own unique conflict within their gamespace. All works are on HD Plasma TVs' viewed by HD-DVD Toshiba players and first ran in exhibition at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder Colorado from April fourth to the seventeenth 2008. Even though these works can literally be interpreted as video works, the influence of photography, performance art, collage, and the interactive video game culture are remixed digitally into an art object that becomes exponentially more than the sum of its parts, depicting characters who exist in fluxes worlds between video games and waking life. They are entrenched within their unique worlds of consumption, fornication, and destruction, mimicking human traits fed to them by an unceasing stream of data. All characters are performed by the author, and attempt to understand sociological problems by "acting out" with characters constructed from multiple cultural and mass media sources.

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