Date of Award

Spring 4-21-2008

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art & Art History

First Advisor

Daniel Boord

Second Advisor

Philip Solomon

Third Advisor

Luis Valdovino

Fourth Advisor

Melanie Walker


Time, what does that word mean? Is it the clock ticking away at moments delineated by numbers, a subjective sense of duration, or a succession of discreet moments that are indexical, anticipatory and remembered? The definition would have to account for the numerous subjective experiences of uncountable individuals. Time cannot be an "it", an object or a thing, but rather a verb, a dynamic happening that may have repetitive qualities, but may also be perceived as infinitely unique. Time may only have meaning at the moment of perception, the "now". But then what is one to do with memory?

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Art Practice Commons