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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art & Art History

First Advisor

Melanie Yazzie

Second Advisor

Kim Dickey

Third Advisor

Charlene Maxx Stevens


My work explores the complexities of communication, of the imprints we leave on each other and our environments, and the imprints that they leave on us. Our lives consist of both internal and external landscapes. My aim is to look at the ways in which these landscapes intersect and how they are altered by such intersections.

The written portion of the my thesis addresses this central theme, in my own work and in that of others. I begin with a general discussion of my work and of what constitutes internal versus external landscape. Next, I discuss how printmaking as a process in inherently connected to communication, both historically through its ties to dissemination of information, and metaphorically through the way that the process works. Finally, I demonstrate how printmaking, in general, and the processes that I use, specifically, are ideally suited to a discussion of communication and the impressions that we leave on each other and our environments. In the appendix, I look at others' work that relates to my own.

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