Date of Award

Spring 4-19-2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art & Art History

First Advisor

George Rivera

Second Advisor

Melanie Walker

Third Advisor

Luis Valdovino


Traveling through time is astoundingly easy. Einstein's theories indicate that people experience time at different rates depending on how they move in relation to one another. Once motion approaches the speed of light, significant leaps in time are possible. This thesis experiment was informed by spurious research in quantum physics, theories of special and general relativity, and pop-culture "science" of time travel.

No DeLorean? No problem! This time machine is housed in a standard curio cabinet, encoded with high frequency pink and violet lights vibrating at a precise rate with a "high-power, plutonium-alternative cam system," making time travel possible! Unfortunately, the machine has become stuck in a temporal paradox. There is no forward or backward motion, only the smearing hybridization of a handful of characters from various eras all hopelessly trapped in an infinite loop.

Nevertheless, the machine works its magic - by the time you have finished gazing into its windows, you will have traveled some distance through time.

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Art Practice Commons