Filthy Love

Date of Award

Fall 12-7-2012

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Art & Art History

First Advisor

Jeanne Quinn

Second Advisor

Kim Dickey

Third Advisor

Scott Chamberlin

Fourth Advisor

Alvin Gregorio


My romantic life, at once tender and desperate, is the substance of my work. More specifically, I am interested in the ways that I project and receive desire (as Roland Barthes said, "I am devoured by desire, the impulse to be happy"), and negotiate my own relative experiences within it. This endless exchange between lovers - the absences, the expectations, the gravities, the intimacies, the small catastrophes - is the realm into which I want to invite viewers.

The act of making parallels the act of living. This is the heart of my work. It is in the everyday experiences, most of the time mundane, that I find evidence of a lovers presents or absence such as lint, left over food, or rolling over onto an empty, warm part of the bed. I find myself wanting to know what it would be like to experience those fleeting subtleties forever, what I perceive to be the details of love.

Process and material are the tangible means by which I contemplate my experience and emotion. I use clay because it relies on touch to mold shape; I can make it look like anything. I often use plaster molds for its ability to mimic or replicate an object that is perceived as everyday. From there I transform the objects through surface decoration and arrangement. I am interested in creating sculptures that are visually and sensually provocative. It is through texture, sheen, and craft that create this initial compulsion for the viewer. I want the viewer to wonder what the object insight feels like to touch; the initial pondering I experienced for the cultivation of the piece itself.

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