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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art & Art History

First Advisor

Alex Sweetman

Second Advisor

Sally Elliot


I am concerned with alternative ways of interpreting the natural world. My intentions are to deconstruct nature's physicality in order to encourage a departure of solely viewing nature as "object." I want to draw attention to the surrounding space, light, and forces unavailable to the eye.

Using contradictions such as shallow and deep depth of field, sharp and out of focus images and inconsistent surface treatment, I push past uniformity in order to challenge ideas of how nature is perceived. I want to make work that has open and mysterious qualities that suggest rather than explain. What I depict is not necessarily what I see, but certainly what I feel.

My approach is eclectic. I mix painting, color and black and white photographs, and natural elements throughout my work. The work arises out of exploration through a lifetime of observing nature, contemplation, play and experimentation in my studio.

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