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Spring 4-19-2018


In this paper, the researchers examine the influence of environmental brand activism as green advertising on U.S. millennials’ green purchasing and recycling behavior intentions. The influences of gender, environmental knowledge, advertisement attitude and brand attitude are also analyzed. Researchers conducted an experiment through an online survey and randomly exposed each respondent to one of four advertisements, testing and controlling for environmental brand activism message vs. generic message and known brand vs. unknown brand. The sample consisted of 174 millennial students from the University of Colorado Boulder. Results suggest that millennials exposed to environmental brand activism as advertising possess higher intentions to engage in green purchasing and recycling upon exposure. Also, the results suggest that millennial women are more inclined to engage in green purchasing and recycling after exposure. The main implication for this study is that respondents exposed to the environmental brand activism message felt favorable attitudes towards the advertisement but not the brand, which calls for further research.